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Animal Chiropractor Clermont FL

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Welcome to Palmetto Chiropractic – animal chiropractic care serving Central and North Florida! At Palmetto Chiropractic our sole purpose is building strong, flexible spines in horses, humans and dogs!

Dr. Raquel is proud to be an IVCA certified animal chiropractor in Clermont and delivers the most thorough exam and comprehensive adjustment by utilizing a system of 5 reflexes to assess the baseline function of each animal’s nervous system and then recheck when the adjustment has restored nerve conduction and muscle firing. Dr. Raquel also brings over a decade of riding and training experience for a detailed treatment plan to help animals recover.

Why I Became An Animal Chiropractor In Clermont

Originally from Missouri, Dr. Raquel moved back to the sunshine to fulfill her lifelong dream of working with horses in top competition.

Dr. Raquel earned her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Animal Science from the University of Missouri, then went on to train horses in top eventing and dressage competition barns throughout Missouri, Florida, Georgia, and Texas. At each stables, Dr. Raquel witnessed animal chiropractors that kept her competition horses at peak performance which inspired her to return to Missouri and become a certified animal chiropractor herself. After being accepted to Logan University, she went on to complete the Options for Animals College of Chiropractic 226 hour certification coursework and pass the rigorous 5 part exam to become IVCA certified.

How To Find Us

Dr. Raquel sees small animals (cats, dogs, etc.) out of her office in Clermont and is ambulatory for large animal care.
Office Location:
242 E. Highland Ave.
Clermont, FL 34711

Common Conditions We Help

Horses commonly have mid and low back pain when their pelvis becomes misaligned through slips in pasture or repetitive work. Improper tack fit, rough field play, can cause compensatory movement in distal joints which can lead to lameness.

Chiropractic adjustments also benefit geriatric horses and dogs. Degenerative changes from years of use causes arthritic pain in joints. Mobilizing restricted joints pumps synovial fluid into the bones and joints, feeding them nutrients, increasing movement, decreasing pain and adding quality days of life to beloved older animals.

Common Misconceptions

While massage therapy, Pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF), kinesio taping and other modalities of physiotherapy all have their place in natural healing, only the chiropractic adjustment has the capability of removing nerve interference so that the animal’s own body can restore proper coordination and health.


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